A new blog entry!

Well, we all thought that RSP was gone, and for all kinds of reasons it was there for a while.  But we’re back.  The album project has been dusted off and had the kiss of life.  And now we’re almost ready to make some music.  Almost.

But first, the studio needs some attention. So the next few entries are going to be all about the design and construction of a new workstation for the studio.  It’s time for some DIY fun!

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More recording…

Since the last post we have had several recording sessions. So here is a quick update to tell you how we got on…

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Recording Sessions


There hasn’t been much news to report in a while. Things were somewhat on hold while we tried to juggle insanely complicated personal and professional schedules to find a window of opportunity to record. And finally things are moving again.

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Website Overhaul

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that the website has undergone a bit of a transformation. Hopefully it’s more in line with the current project.

Also, theory would have it that you should now be able to get to the site using the URL: http://renegadeskypirates.co.uk

Over the coming weeks the site will continue to metamorphosize as band related news and content becomes available. Stay tuned!


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Renegade Sky Pirates Debut!

It wasn’t a large affair. There was no stadium involved, nor, if I’m honest, an actual stage. However, in it’s own small way, history was marked on the 20th of December by the debut of the Renegade Sky Pirates.  It didn’t quite go according to plan, and wasn’t quite what I’d envisaged, or actually end up with the full compliment of pirates.

It all started like this…

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Let’s talk about songs…

I thought it would be fun in these last days of the year to give you a hint of the story behind each of the songs planned for the new album.

Therefore, I present to you, in no particular order:

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And the band gets a name!


I had been thinking about the 2nd album and the songs, and more and more I kept coming back to this question. Should this really be a Mark Green solo album? Particularly as I’ve assembled a band to record the songs, and hopefully gig them. Having thought about this and talked it through with the band, they agreed that a band name might be a cool thing.  So after much thought, here it is! We are henceforth, the Renegade Sky Pirates.

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Assembling the band, and listening to demos

I’ve been thinking recently about how to turn a bunch of demos into a living breathing album. Fantasy Bridge grew organically out of the demos as I painstakingly replaced the guide tracks I’d laid down on keys with performances from real people. This process worked reasonably well and might work again, though I have to say, starting with a blank slate does have it’s attractions. However before getting to that decision I needed to decide who was going to play on the new album.

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Fun with Synths – The Roland GAIA SH01

Warning… This is a keyboard-geek post. If you’re the sort of person that isn’t going to get irrationally excited reading about synths, then I suggest you just look at this relaxing video instead.

A couple of months ago I became the proud owner of a Roland GAIA SH01 synth. I had wanted a synth that had lots of knobs and was easy to program for some time and though what I really wanted was a real analog synth, the Moogs and Prophets were really out of my price range, and while a Korg MS20 Mini was affordable, I just couldn’t bring myself to get something with mini keys (Why Korg? Why?)

So after some time researching and demo-ing I settled on the little Roland GAIA…

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