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Recording Sessions


There hasn’t been much news to report in a while. Things were somewhat on hold while we tried to juggle insanely complicated personal and professional schedules to find a window of opportunity to record. And finally things are moving again.

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Let’s talk about songs…

I thought it would be fun in these last days of the year to give you a hint of the story behind each of the songs planned for the new album.

Therefore, I present to you, in no particular order:

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Assembling the band, and listening to demos

I’ve been thinking recently about how to turn a bunch of demos into a living breathing album. Fantasy Bridge grew organically out of the demos as I painstakingly replaced the guide tracks I’d laid down on keys with performances from real people. This process worked reasonably well and might work again, though I have to say, starting with a blank slate does have it’s attractions. However before getting to that decision I needed to decide who was going to play on the new album.

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The ‘Difficult Second Album’

I am sure that there has been a lot written over the years about approaching that ‘difficult second album’ So here’s the thing: A band, or a solo artist in creating their first album probably has a lot of well rehearsed stuff they think is pretty good. It’s been in the pipeline for years (or in the case of my first album decades! ). But come time to start on album number two, the band or artist in question is faced with a blank sheet of paper, and some difficult questions they need to  ask themselves…

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Getting into Gear

After some months of preparation, studio redesign and song writing we are more or less at the point where it makes sense to start recording!

So I got to the point where I had a bunch of disparate songs, but to me an album isn’t a random collection of songs, they need something that gels them together into something greater than that.  I’m not talking about a concept album or anything, but a stylistic, look and feel (or listen and feel perhaps). I’ve finally got a theme in mind that I think works, and with a little tweaking here and there, the songs are starting to feel as though they are part of this theme.

More of that in future posts.

For now I have the task of taking all these new songs and deciding which are genuine candidates for the album and which aren’t, and once again I’ll be ruminating on each of the songs along the way.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

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