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Renegade Sky Pirates Debut!

It wasn’t a large affair. There was no stadium involved, nor, if I’m honest, an actual stage. However, in it’s own small way, history was marked on the 20th of December by the debut of the Renegade Sky Pirates.  It didn’t quite go according to plan, and wasn’t quite what I’d envisaged, or actually end up with the full compliment of pirates.

It all started like this…

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And the band gets a name!


I had been thinking about the 2nd album and the songs, and more and more I kept coming back to this question. Should this really be a Mark Green solo album? Particularly as I’ve assembled a band to record the songs, and hopefully gig them. Having thought about this and talked it through with the band, they agreed that a band name might be a cool thing.  So after much thought, here it is! We are henceforth, the Renegade Sky Pirates.

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