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A new blog entry!

Well, we all thought that RSP was gone, and for all kinds of reasons it was there for a while.  But we’re back.  The album project has been dusted off and had the kiss of life.  And now we’re almost ready to make some music.  Almost.

But first, the studio needs some attention. So the next few entries are going to be all about the design and construction of a new workstation for the studio.  It’s time for some DIY fun!

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More recording…

Since the last post we have had several recording sessions. So here is a quick update to tell you how we got on…

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A new dawn


After many months of inactivity on the web, I have finally got around to revisiting the website.

Well, actually completely trashing it and starting from scratch. It’s very different to the old website in style, though much of the content is there.

It’s all very 21st century, using a wordpress CMS, which means that updates are easy, from any computer, and most things you want to do are a downloadable plugin away.

I’m also about to make a proper start on the recordings for album number 2. Which may, or may not have a name yet. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new site.

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