Let’s talk about songs…

I thought it would be fun in these last days of the year to give you a hint of the story behind each of the songs planned for the new album.

Therefore, I present to you, in no particular order:


Parallel Processing.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML back in 1989. And thus was born the internet as we know it.  And it’s been running more or less continuously ever since.  So what does happen when you have a billion computers linked up and leave them switched on for year after year, decade after decade?  A haunting story about the emergence of artificial intelligence within the internet, and it’s belief that human users are some kind of bandwidth parasites…

Learning to Fly.

Think about a mad Victorian scientist who’s become obsessed by the idea of flight. Would Jules Verne have messed about with bi-planes and petrol engines? I think not. So enters the idea of this lone scientist developing in secret the lifting orb and gossamer light wing material. I’m sure there would be steampunk goggles too!


Ever think you were somehow out of step with reality? Is this a song about descent into insanity? Or is the world really just going horribly wrong around you? When the only thing that seems to have any reality is the bright, shining full moon.

The Rhythm of the World

Music needs to be played. It has a rhythm of its own, all we need to do is close our eyes and feel it. We can all be part of the rhythm of the world. Also… It has bongos!


Don’t be fooled. Sometimes, those voices in your head might signify something deeper and more disturbing than simple madness!


A lament from the future, for a world lost through the folly of mankind. The rest of the band reckon that if prog albums had singles, this should be it! Though I can’t remember the last time I heard a song on the radio about a nuclear post-apocalyptic world!

The Gates of Time

Probably the title track… And certainly the longest one! This is the big prog epic: It’s an ordinary day, there’s breakfast, the morning news is on, and then… An angel blows a trumpet the whole world hears… And that changes everything. This one is huge. It’s in six parts; there’s a church organ, and maybe even a choir of angels!

Beyond the Sunset

So there were to be only seven songs on the album. However sometimes music has other ideas – songs insist on being written.  I never set out to write this song. I never planned the words. It all just coalesced  one afternoon while I was noodling at the piano.

Last January we said goodbye to my mum who finally lost her battle with cancer. I truly believe that she’s now in a better place and adding her fantastic voice to a heavenly choir. And so, Beyond the Sunset is my musical farewell to a wonderful mum.


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  1. Hi,
    I loved the album Fantasy Bridge. I’ll definitely buy the new RSP album when it comes out. Any more news?
    Simon Whild

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