More recording…

Since the last post we have had several recording sessions. So here is a quick update to tell you how we got on…



Paul and I borrowed a couple of rooms back at the start of May at Clarence Park Baptist Church and set about tracking drums.  The acoustics were pretty good, but it was all a bit of an experiment and half the day was taken up with setting up the mics, and nearly 2 hours were wasted faffing with an intermittent headphone cable (don’t ask!) But at the end of the day we had tracked drums for Learning to Fly and Voices. Whether these takes are the final ones, time will tell. I feel we are capable of better recordings, and since the budget looks like it’s not going to run to tracking drums in a proper studio, as I had first hoped. This DIY approach is likely to be our only option.

Then on the 16th, Brendan came over to our house, to what I have dubbed The Prog Cave (in acknowledgement of the fact that my studio is in the darkest room in the house) and we set up his rather splendid Swart Stereo head and cab in the amp tracking room … Er entrance lobby! and we did guitars for the same two tracks.

We ended the day adding some acoustic guitar parts too, and I’m really happy with the results of those.

The following week it was Elliot’s turn and we tracked bass parts. And so we have the principal foundation to both Learning to Fly and Voices.

And so, on to Moonstruck.  Last night we tried setting up the drums in my hallway at home which is quite large and with the addition to some impromptu acoustic treatment in the form of blankets, etc, pretty dead. With the kit mic’d up and Elliot DI’s his bass straight into the Focusrite interface, we were ready to go.

Moonstruck is a deceptively simple sounding song; however, this is prog rock, and of course it turns out to have a fiendishly tricky intro requiring a lot of counting, and half note rests in unexpected places. And to make matters worse this section is repeated after the instrumental section.  So it was that 2 hours later we had managed to finally get drums and bass in the can. And although we are detached and out of the way of neighbours, we gave ourselves a curfew of 9:30, so didn’t get to guitars.

I now have to go through all the takes and see if we are happy with what we got… It’s all getting quite exciting!

Here are some photos from all the sessions to date:

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