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There hasn’t been much news to report in a while. Things were somewhat on hold while we tried to juggle insanely complicated personal and professional schedules to find a window of opportunity to record. And finally things are moving again.



Last weekend Maggie-May and I finished vocal recordings on the demos. This was an important step, because while you would normally record vocals last, I wanted a set of fairly complete demos that the band can use to learn their parts. I had tried playing the vocal lines on the piano, or a synth, but was finding this just didn’t give you a proper idea of the song structure. Having actual vocal parts really does give a better perspective on the songs. We will be doing some extra sessions in the next couple of weeks to work on the harmonies and to look at the songs that currently feature me on vocals, to see if they are improved by Maggie-May taking the lead (The answer is: Almost certainly!).

I am assuming that we will have to re-do these scratch vocals once the rest of the instruments are recorded. However, there are some darn good performances there and if they work in the finished article they may well end up being the actual vocal takes. We’ll just have to see.

Coming up in a few weeks Paul and I will be doing the first drum recording session, followed over subsequent weeks by bass and guitars. It’s really feeling like we’ve got the momentum going again, and I will be blogging after these sessions to keep you all informed.

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