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We were fortunate enough to get pretty good press coverage on the launch of Fantasy Bridge, with reviews in both Classic Rock Present’s Prog and the US Progression Magazine together with reviews on both DPRP and Prog Archive websites. Here are some extracts:

Although taking more than 30 years to become a reality and with music openly rooted in the 70s, there is enough freshness to ensure this is far more than misty-eyed nostalgia.

Rich Wilson, Classic Rock Presents Prog

Fantasy Bridge is an album made with a great deal of care and conviction. There are some delightful moments where Green demonstrates his credentials both as a master of the keyboards and the creator of some lilting melodies.

Alison Henderson, DPRP

When the full band performs instrumental passages the album springs to life.

Jim Cirle, Progression Magazine

In the case of Fantasy Bridge, we get a wide variety of music styles. From Keith Emerson like playing with classical music to an AOR song Asia could had done (Don’t Give up on Love) to some more pastoral Irish folk music like songs. Inbetween, we get some standard rock too and some concept symphonic prog interludes. Phew !!

toroddfuglesteg, Prog Archive

With songs about fantasy, science fiction, lost childhood and love, Fantasy Bridge sounds like a musician opening his vault, and indeed Green says some of these ideas go back decades. A keyboard whiz, Green plays a wide variety of hardware and piano with much expression and produces a larger than life canvas.

Finnforest, Prog Archive

Fantasy Bridge’ is a personal and warm album from a man who truly cares about his music, and it certainly reflects in the work he does.

Connor Fynes, Prog Archive

Congratulations to Mark Green for his first album. Here we can appreciate the undeniable talent he has, and I am sure he will give us in the near future new musical proposals. I like Fantasy Bridge.

memowakeman, Prog Archive

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