Studio Desk – Part 2: The Design

After lots of sketching I settled on a design that was basically a three section desk that had a slight wrap around angle. The left and right sections would turn in at 15 degrees, and each of them would contain a 6U equipment console sloping up at 15 degrees.  The whole desk construction would bolt on trestle legs.

Something like this:

Here’s a rough sketch looking down on the top with the dimensions:

The leg trestles would be made from Oak ‘feet’ and tops joined with chrome tubing. The front leg of each would slope up at a 15 degree angle.  Which I hope will look cool, but will also involve dredging up some school trigonometry and some pretty precision drilling.. Here’s the sketch showing the calculations (Somehow I drew these upside-down, but you’ll get the idea)

And here are the details of the threaded bolt fixing that keeps the legs together.

So now I think I can see what it will look like and how the difficult bits will be constructed.  Next up building the frame…

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