Studio Desk – Part 3: Building the frame

The frame for the top is constructed from 35mm square softwood screwed and glued together in three sections.  The two side modules with the rack space slots and the trapezoid centre section

First job then was to measure and cut the component parts

The mitre saw doing it’s stuff

 Once cut the various parts were glued, clamped and screwed together

The mitre saw made the 15 degree slope of the console sections much easier

The console sections completed

I’m the first to admit that I am far from perfect.  It was while finishing up for the day I suddenly realised that the top rail would foul any rack mount equipment I tried to put in there (I’m planning a patch bay at the top of each console) What I needed was for the top rail angle to be at right angles to the 15 degree console slope.  So giving my self a stern talking to, I grabbed the router, made up jig to run it against and routed the top rail to the correct angle.   Idiot!

Router to the rescue! The patch bays will fit!

The next day I finished the top frame construction by making the lozenge section that slotted between the two consoles.

More 15 degree angles

It fits!

The frame was finally finished with a good sanding and then sprayed mat black.

The completed frame.

Next up – Adventures in drilling! Making the leg trestles.

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