Studio Desk – Part 7: End Panels

With the structural elements of the desk now completed it was time to move on to the cosmetic bits. These would include the end panels, the inner side panels on the rack bays and finally the solid oak front edge. (That will be worthy of it’s own post).

So the end panels are going to be constructed from 19mm oak veneered MDF and will have the profile shown below:

Construction would be on the table saw. The straight cuts would be simple but the 15 degree angle at the top would be tricky. I would have to cut up to the point the circular blade met the angle change. But from above you wouldn’t see that. So I drew a line on the saw bed corresponding to the point the blade met the table, so I could feed the material up to that point.  I would then have a small section I would need to cut with a hand saw.

setting up to cut the straight edge

Setting up to make the angled cuts

The side panel pieces ready for joining and edge veneer

The side panels were made in two sections for two reasons:

  1. One less tricky angle cut to do
  2. I had acquired lengths of veneered MDF that were the right size from a cabinet maker friend as off-cuts!

Next up was ironing on the edge veneer and trimming to size. A job that always seems to take forever, but does look good once completed. Another tool I inherited, this time from my father-in law, was a lovely little hand plane and that skims off veneer really nicely

Veneering the rack consoles

The end panels, joined and veneered. Also the inner console panels, similarly ready for finishing.

Next up will be finish on the desktop and varnish on the end panels.  Varnish duties will be handed over to my wife who insists that she finds varnishing relaxing and therapeutic.(!)

And then start the final assembly.

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