STUDIO DESK – PART 8: Finishing

Adventures with Varnish and Paint

I passed the task of varnishing the oak veneered parts to my wife Sue, because she’s better at it than me, gets a better finish and says she finds the process soothing and relaxing!

So after sanding down to a pre-finish surface with 120 and then 240 grit papers I passed the job over.  Three coats of satin polyurethane varnish with a light sanding between each, and it was all looking lovely.

Meanwhile relocated into the studio with the MDF top after fine sanding I attacked it with black base coats sanded between each and finished with a final high gloss coat of black.

It was then time to attach the end cheeks, by screwing from the inside of the frame, and then attach the top with the countersunk M8 bolts through the predrilled holes into the threaded inserts in the frame.

And for the first time I got a sense of the final article:

For the solid oak parts I chose a different finish Ronseal brushing wax.  It requires a really fine finish on the wood (sanded down to 240 grit and then burnished with wire wool) but it does give a really lovely finish on solid wood.  Again this was handed over to Sue as the wood-finish guru! And here is a close up of a finished leg:

Next up I will fit the rack rail hardware and then fabricate the solid oak desk front!.

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