STUDIO DESK – PART 9: Rack Rail Woes!

Or, why it’s important to measure everything

It’s my own fault.  What I should have done was get the data sheet for the rack rails I was going to use ahead of time. Or even get the rails themselves. But no. I made… An assumption. And it turned out to be wrong.

I have a QuikLok RS513 studio rack, and as I was planning the dimensions of the rack bays, I very carefully took measurements from this, assuming that the rails QuikLok had used were standard.  Well, to cut a long story short they weren’t.

Above you can see my QuikLok rack and below, is a dimension drawing for the standard rack rails available to buy:

Critically the dimensions between centres of the rack is 465mm. And the rails themselves are 19mm from the cabinet edge to the rail edge.  And then the hole centre is 7mm from the rack edge.

However, on the QuikLok rack the rails are only 17mm from the cabinet edge (with all other dimensions the same) and with these dimensions in mind, I very carefully fabricated the desk rack consoles (to within a fraction of a mm!) and then I went and bought some lengths of rail and installed them.

Well, needless to say, when the rails were installed. the distance between hole centres was basically 4mm out. And stuff wasn’t going to fit.

After remonstrating with myself rather a lot, I eventually found that you could get extruded rails like these: 

And critically, they have these dimensions:

Meaning, that they should give me the necessary spacing. And as it was only £6.00 for 2m I thought it worth a try. It would mean that I would have nuts that slid up and down the rails, but as the consoles were only 15 degrees from horizontal, I figured friction would be greater than gravity and all would be well.

So the next day the rail and a bag of square nuts arrived.

A bit of work with the trusty hacksaw and pillar drill later and they were installed.

And yes! It all fitted. So crisis averted, lesson learned and the project is back on track.

Next up will be the oak front trim.

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