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Fun with Synths – The Roland GAIA SH01

Warning… This is a keyboard-geek post. If you’re the sort of person that isn’t going to get irrationally excited reading about synths, then I suggest you just look at this relaxing video instead.

A couple of months ago I became the proud owner of a Roland GAIA SH01 synth. I had wanted a synth that had lots of knobs and was easy to program for some time and though what I really wanted was a real analog synth, the Moogs and Prophets were really out of my price range, and while a Korg MS20 Mini was affordable, I just couldn’t bring myself to get something with mini keys (Why Korg? Why?)

So after some time researching and demo-ing I settled on the little Roland GAIA…

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The All-new MarkOneMusic Studio!

Last summer we moved house. We moved from a fairly ordinary 1970s estate to a quirky 1920s chalet style building tucked away down a long drive and not very far from the beach. Apart from falling in love with the building and the location, on a more practical note there is a room on the ground floor which was previously a study that makes a lovely little studio control room, and it’s adjacent to a large open entrance hallway that can be pressed into service as a live room.

So with the addition of some acoustic trapping, here we are. All ready to record. It’s something of a work in progress.  I’ve yet to sort out any curtains, there is a new large display to install on the wall in place of the desktop display,not all the keyboards are fully patched in yet, and the lighting needs attention, but the basics are there, so really there are no excuses not to get on with the 2nd album!

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